Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know when a review of the medical records is needed?

If you have a minor impact and the medicals exceed what is normal. (more than $4500)

What documents do I send in for a review?

Police report; photos of both vehicles, estimates of both vehicles, medical records and all medical bills

Why does the reviewing physician need to see all the documents?

This allows the reviewing physician to see the WHOLE picture, not just the treating physician's records. We see the actual damage to the vehicles instead of taking the word of the adverse party physician of how bad the accident was.

Does NAC do retrieval of medical records and films?

Yes, we have a dedicated department who will call and set up delivery of all missing medical records and/or films. (Medical Authorization is needed)

How can I contact NAC for a case review?
We have several means of receiving your case.

  1. Call your local sales rep for personalized pickup service
  2. You can email through our secured website @
  3. You can fax your case to 281-358-4263
  4. You can mail your case to: PO Box 6439 Kingwood, TX 77325