Investigation Services

Investigative Services

Texas Private Security Bureau License # A16282

Please note: Our investigation services are only available in Texas at this time.

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All reports are at a rate of $90 per hour plus sixty cents ($.35) per mile traveled. We recommend the customer and North American establish an hourly limit after an assignment is given.

Special Investigations

This service is offered when the customer requires detailed investigative work as described in the instructions paragraph. May include records check if requested.


With the leads provided by the client, North American's objective is to locate the residential and/or business address of the subject. If the customer requires asset information they will so request it in the special instructions section of the request form.

Activity Check

The objective of this report is to determine the subject's daily activities, his extent of disability (if any) and is he gainfully employed in any manner or capacity.


There are two specific types of surveillance:

  1. We believe the subject is working but cannot determine his current employer - our objective is to follow him to work.
  2. We believe the subject's activities are not consistent with the disability claimed. We therefore obtain video and still photographs of his activities consistent or not with the allegations claimed.

Interview/Recorded Statement

When an event occurs, it is imperative to know exactly what happened. An interview with witness(es) or anyone affiliated with the claim/loss should be conducted as soon as possible. A standard witness form can be utilized during the interview or the client can provide their own.

Witness Locate/Skip Tracing

We will locate the party in question (witness, insured, etc.), and while present, put them in contact with the client/attorney/adjuster via telephone.

Personal Information Search

This is NOT a CONSUMER REPORT and does not constitute a “consumer report” under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (“FCRA”). This report may not be used to determine the eligibility for credit, insurance, employment or any purpose regulated under the FCRA. NAC can provide personal reports on; criminal background, driver licenses, professional licenses, voters registration, phone reports, address reports, social media, property/vehicle searches etc.

Assets Check

The purpose of the report is to determine where the subject lives, where he works and what amount of income and what attachable assets he has.

Records Check

The customer requests specific records.

Record Retrieval

$45 per hour plus $.60 per mile and any medical records fees charged by the providers.

Medical Investigation

Based on policy provisions and usually for life and health companies, we determine any accidental considerations and/or contestable considerations.

Limited Pointed

This report is offered when the customer requests specific points for handling of the assignment.

Double Coverage Affidavit

This service will aid the adjuster in determining if their policy holder has multiple
policies. The affidavit simply states the insured had no other policy or additional
insurance on the date of the incident.

There are three options for this service that should prove to be of great benefit to our
clients. They are as follows:

Option 1: DWQ by Mail - $250

Includes mailing a letter and affidavit with precise instructions for the policy holder to
take the affidavit in to get notarized and also includes a self-addressed stamped
envelope for the convenience of the policy holder and to avoid any delay. We also offer
to reimburse the notary fee if provided with a valid receipt when returned.

Option 2: In-person - $350 + mileage

Includes the same affidavit as in option 1 ; however, this would be delivered in-person to
the policy holder at the address given by the client. We utilize a mobile notary and/or
process server for this service.

Option 3: Notary Option Only

A) $175 plus mileage
B) $200 plus mileage

A) The affidavit has already been mailed to the insured by the client and they have
agreed to sign, but do not have access to a notary.

NAC will send a mobile notary to the insured's home address to notarize the affidavit
already provided. (The mobile notary will not be responsible for mailing back the
affidavit for the insured. It will be the insured's responsibility to mail back after being

B) Same as mentioned above; however the mobile notary will assist in mailing back th e
affidavit to NAC for delivery to the client. After being notarized, the notary will retain
the affidavit for mailing purposes. (We will mail a copy to the insured if requested.)

Administrative Fee

A fee of $240 applies to any case canceled for any reason once assigned and received in NAC's home office.