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We Show our Prices

Published 01/11/2013

Did you know North American is one of the few to actually display the prices of their services on their webpage? OUR COMPETITORS DO NOT! Here's how to access them:

  • Go to Medical Service Request Form
  • Under "Select Report Types" place your mouse on the Question Mark for the appropriate service and our prices will be displayed along with a brief summary about that service.

No need for second guessing at North American. We are happy to assist you in your claim handling needs.

Coming January 2013: Ask an Expert

Published 12/20/2012

Get a free consultation from one of our doctors or friendly staff members to help you decide what to do with your claim. You will receive an answer to your question within just an hour of submission to our website (during normal business hours).

Please contact Kelly Girolamo, our Marketing Manager for more information.

NAC Has Gone Paperless

Published 12/19/2012

We have gone green, but our competitors have NOT! Online ordering capability is available through our website now. Simply go to Service Request Form>Medical Service Request Form, fill out the requested information on the claim, attach the appropriate documents, then submit. It's that easy!

You will receive a personalized confirmation from the home office to let you know we are working on your claim within minutes upon submission!

Business Increases

Published 01/20/2012

While our competitors are reducing their staff, business here at NAC has increased over 40%! Clients are seeing the value of using NAC Peer Reviews which breakdown the medical bills. Our competitors do not even offer this service!